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What is is an online dating website specifically geared towards individuals who are HIV positive or who have AIDS. It is a great resource for those looking to find someone special and build an intimate relationship with someone of similar health status. The website offers various features, including a comprehensive search engine, photo galleries, private messaging, and more.  The website also provides helpful information on living with HIV/AIDS and offers advice on safe sex practices.

At PozMatch, there's a slightly higher number of men than women engaged in the community. Data indicates that 69.43% are male and 30.57% identify as female users out of the total population on the website.

How does PozMatch work?

Registration is free and users can create their own profiles and search for potential matches. is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to find companionship with someone that understands the struggles they face on a daily basis. With its user-friendly interface, helpful features, and caring community, it is easy to see why this website has been so popular among people seeking long-lasting relationships. 

When setting up your profile, providing more information about yourself like hobbies, beliefs, nationality, sexual orientation and so on is beneficial. This way people with similar interests can locate you quickly.

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Eventually you will be prompted to upload a picture, unfortunately there is no way for this step to be skipped. This might come as an unpleasant surprise for those who are unsure if the website suits their needs and expectations. But rest assured that your personal data is safeguarded by a stringent privacy policy (we'll discuss this further later).

pozmatch review features

With the Quick Search feature, you can find what you're searching for in a jiffy. If that doesn't meet your needs, then use our Advanced Search option to specify more details and target the race of your preference like African, Caucasian or Latino/Hispanic. Plus with plenty of additional filter options such as lifestyle preferences (non-smoker, vegetarian etc.), occupation status and educational background - not to mention physical features like body type and eye color - refining your search has never been easier! 

PozMatch offers HIV-positive singles an opportunity to form meaningful connections online. This website is equipped with all the features of a traditional dating site, but it also has a forum specially tailored for queries and worries about HIV/AIDS.

With over 1,200 users having contributed to this online forum, HIV-positive singles are empowered with the knowledge and confidence needed for dating. This safe community provides advice about safety measures when it comes to meeting people in real life as well as tips on succeeding in your first date. Members of this space have also shared personal stories that demonstrate how they navigated their own experiences with dating while living with HIV. It's a powerful network which encourages growth and fosters an incredible sense of belonging amongst its members!

pozmatch blog - is it safe?

To safeguard their privacy, most users opt to browse under a nickname. However, the dating site's anti-fraud system ensures that all new members are accurately verified and have honest intentions when joining.

Protecting users' privacy is of utmost importance to PozMatch, and the site offers enhanced security measures and anonymity. Moreover, they have a strict policy in place against sharing personal data with third-parties without permission. As their written statement reads: "We do not share personal data with third parties for their direct marketing purposes without your permission." With this assurance, everyone can rest assured that their sensitive information remains secure at all times.

If a PozMatch member is looking to delete their account and all personal data associated with it, they can contact the privacy team via email. The staff will honor such requests within 30 days of receipt. Once they have processed this request, there won't be any way for the user to retrieve or restore that data - all membership plans included!

For any concerns or inquiries related to PozMatch's privacy practices, you can reach out to Data Protection Officer. He will be able to provide information regarding the company’s data usage, sharing and retention policies. To learn more about these processes, please email at [email protected] for further assistance!

Is Pozmatch free?

As a standard member, you can take advantage of several features on this website. You'll be able to utilize the advanced search functions, such as member search and quick search, to find out who is online. It's also possible for you to communicate with other members in real-time through instant messenger services. Plus, you are free to add those that interest you most on your favorites list! Furthermore, view blog posts from fellow users or browse galleries and guestbooks - all within reach when signed up as an ordinary user!

Additionally you can send a complimentary "kiss", get e-mail alerts whenever someone new matches your profile criteria and join the site, and add some videos to make your profile stand out, and leverage "Privacy Settings" if you'd like to hide from certain lists on the site.

Extra features (which we recommend for better site experience and higher chances for success) are available for for Premium Member:

  • Site wide communication.
  • Premium private e-mail.
  • Premium support.
  • Premium video and webcam. - pros & cons


  • With Live-Chat, Proof of Identity verification and robust measures in place to report spam profiles as well as keep them private, you will have the added assurance that this website is a safe and secure space. Additionally, its long history attests to its standing and reliability within the community.


  • This site has a seriously deficient design, and what's more, they don't offer any kind of mobile adaptation or dating app for their audience.
  • No payments through unidentified sources

PozMatch - our conclusion.

Living with HIV/AIDS can feel like a lonely journey, but it doesn't have to be. In reality, 36.9 million individuals worldwide are living with the virus and nearly 5,000 more contract it each day. After receiving an HIV diagnosis, many people struggle to share their news while also worrying about how they will find love again; however, there is hope! By connecting with others in similar situations and understanding that you are not alone on this path can help reduce feelings of isolation and lead to meaningful relationships again.

During this tumultuous period, PozMatch can provide singles with the comfort and confidence of knowing that love is within reach, despite any health conditions.

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